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User started chat session

This function is triggered when a user starts a new chat session. You can think of starting a chat session like entering a chat room. Inside this function, you can add custom logic for any actions that occur when a user has joined a chat channel.

async function handleEvent(event: UserStartedChatSessionEvent, context: Context) {

The above function takes two parameters:

  1. The event object which in this case is the UserStartedChatSessionEvent object. This object has four properties:

    • user: The user who started the chat session.
    • channel: The channel in which the session was started.
    • channelUnread: This property has the type and tells us if the user has any unread messages in the channel in which a new chat session was started. It is true if the user has any unread messages in the channel and false if there are no unread messages.
    • channelMessagesCount: The number of messages sent in this channel.
  2. A Context object.


This is a non-blocking chat function.