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Considering building a Slack like experience?

· 3 min read
Raymond Chen

Are you considering creating a Slack-like chat experience on your platform? Yes, ChatKitty can help with that. With the recent pricing changes, Slack may not be the best place to grow your user base or create your community.

Instead of using Slack or another similar service, more and more companies decided to develop their own collaboration chat experience on their platform.

With ChatKitty, you can develop and release a premium chat experience in less than a day. It’s completely white label, fully customizable, and 100% concurrency guaranteed.

Starting with the features, here are the top 10 popular Slack features you can develop via our chat API on day one.

  • Authentication
  • Creating channels
  • One-to-one chat
  • Group chat
  • Threads reply
  • Emoji reaction
  • Multimedia attachment
  • In-App Notification
  • Typing indicator
  • Presence indicator


A user can log into your platform and start using chat without being authenticated again. ChatKitty simplifies authentication using Chat Functions. An end-developer can write custom code and hook it to any user authentication provider (eg Firebase, Auth0, etc.) into their application. Here is how you can start developing authentication.

Creating channels

A user can create channels and invite others to join the channels. Users can also join and leave channels. Here is how you can start building channels.

One-to-one chat

A user can chat with another user directly and privately in a one-to-one setting.

Group chat

A user can chat with other users in channels that include as many users as you have.

This guide covers how you can build one-to-one and group chat.

Thread replies

A user can reply directly to a specific message and create a separate chat within the one-to-one or group chats.

Emoji reactions

A user can send emojis in chat or react to messages with emojis.

Multimedia attachments

A user can send files, images, and voice memos or share them to other channels.

In-app Notifications

A user can receive chat notifications directly from your app.

Typing indicator

When the other user is typing, an indicator will show up next to the chat window and indicates that the other user is responding.

Presence indicator

When a user is online, an indicator will show up next to the profile and indicates that the user is available to chat.

This guide covers how you can enhance your chat experience with features like replies, reactions, notifications and more.