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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MAU mean?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user of your application that has connected to ChatKitty using a client SDK, within the last 30 days.

When a user is connected to a ChatKitty using the same username, it is counted as 1 MAU, regardless of the user’s device.

What is a chat function invocation?

ChatKitty provides Chat Functions, serverless cloud functions defining custom logic for complex tasks triggered by chat events within your application. You can use Chat Functions to authenticate users, send push notifications, create emails or make HTTP calls to your backend.

Each time a Chat Function you defined gets triggered and executed counts as a Chat Function Invocation.

Where is my chat data stored?

We store all data processed by ChatKitty on secure AWS servers using cloud best practices like encryption and role-based access control. Although we handle chat data, you have full ownership of your data. Your complete chat data can be accessed anytime using the ChatKitty Platform API.

What if I need help building chat?

We provide a community forum for developers and founders to offer and find guidance building chat from the ChatKitty team and community members. If you’re having an immediate problem with ChatKitty, or if you'd like to chat with a member of our team, you can reach out to us any time on our official Discord server.

How does ChatKitty secure my data?

ChatKitty uses cloud best practices and stores your data securely on AWS infrastructure. All chat data is encrypted in transit. You can implement end-to-end encryption by encrypting your messages before sending to ChatKitty and decrypting them on your users’ devices.

I’m based in the EU. What about GDPR?

ChatKitty is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant processor. Your users own their data, and you control their data on ChatKitty using our Platform API. You can delete or export chat data upon request from your users.

We are growing very fast. Can ChatKitty keep up with our rapid growth?

ChatKitty offers an elastic, robust, and resilient cloud-native application hosted on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) - able to scale up and down based on user activity. This means you can focus on growing your company and leave scaling chat to us.

I have an existing chat solution. Will I have to completely replace my existing code?

ChatKitty was designed to be modular and makes minimal assumptions about your codebase. This means you can set up ChatKitty without making large changes to your existing code.

What happens if ChatKitty ceases to exist?

We make a promise to our customers to support our Services until the end of the Internet. That means when it comes to security, privacy, and customer support, we will continue to maintain any legacy Services indefinitely.