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Message Links

Message Links contain parsed link preview data like an image and description and are embedded inside a message.


sourcestringThe href of the URL this message link represents
startPositionnumberThe starting index of this link within the message
endPositionnumberThe ending index of this link within the message
previewMessageLinkPreviewEmbedded link preview data-

MessageLinkPreview properties

titlestringThe title of this link
imageMessageLinkPreviewImageImage data of this link preview
descriptionstringDescription of this link preview-
siteNamestringThe name of the site linked-

MessageLinkPreviewImage properties

sourcestringThe url source of this image

Message links are automatically created for URLs embedded inside text messages:

const result = await kitty.sendMessage({
channel: channel,
body: "Here's a link!"

if (result.succeeded) {
const links = result.message.links; // Handle message links

if (result.failed) {
const error = result.error; // Handle error