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Build premium chat quickly

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Businesses choose ChatKitty for their messaging infrastructure

// Unified chat solution

A full suite of developer tools for any chat use-case

Thousands of developers - from startups to large enterprises – use ChatKitty's APIs to develop
  • Direct messaging
  • Group chat
  • Custom chat cases
<> Why ChatKitty

A developer-first and customizable approach to real-time messaging

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

We provide extensive documentation, detailed tutorials, and functional code samples to ensure you have chat working in minutes.



Our powerful webhooks and serverless functions provide modular design and allow you to use ChatKitty like LEGO blocks.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Advanced messaging features like group chat, multimedia, auto-moderation, etc. are ready to deploy at your fingertip.



ChatKitty is an auto-scalable solution powered by a highly optimized, elastic cloud infrastructure.



We designed our chat API solutions with the toughest data regulation (such as GDPR and HIPAA) in mind.

Full concurrency

Full concurrency

ChatKitty lets all your users to be online chatting at the same time.

<> Use cases

Build chat for any use-case

Increase engagement in your community and keep the conversation safe and fun with our modern chat features and moderation tools. Example apps: Facebook Messenger, Reddit, and Tinder

Social Messaging
Social Messaging
Increase engagement in your community and keep the conversation safe and fun with our modern chat features and moderation tools. Example apps: Facebook Messenger, Reddit, and Tinder
Team Collaboration
Bring your team together and keep it productive with our unified communication features including text chat, video, and voice calls. Example apps: Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams
Unleash full concurrency and embrace the user growth without annoying connection limits. Example apps: Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live
Custom Use Case
ChatKitty is your canvas. Build any chat experience with our white-label chat solution.
Social Messaging
// Built for scale

Technical decision makers like VPs and CTOs who are focused on business impact choose ChatKitty

<> Designed for developers

The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use chat APIs

{} Testimonials

Our customer stories

ChatKitty has played a crucial role in simplifying the development process for our in-app chat system. I would highly recommend ChatKitty to any startup or established company looking to build a modern, reliable, and affordable chat solution. Their ease of implementation, extensive documentation, and top-notch technical support make them a standout partner.

Jaime Castro
Jaime CastroHead of Product at Selia (YC W22)
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// Pricing for any project

Save months of work

and years of maintenance

Monthly active chat users



$ 79 / mo

Modern chat essentials

Pre-built UI libraries

200 peak concurrent connections

Unlimited message retention

Unlimited group chat participants

Serverless cloud functions (Chat Functions)


$ 299 / mo

All features in Developer.

Dedicated sandbox environment

1000 peak concurrent connections

Chat function extensions (Chat Plugins)

99.9% uptime SLA


$ 599 / mo

All features in Startup.

Full concurrency


Real-time messaging architectural reviews

Private Slack access & priority support

<> We got you

All The Support You'll Ever Need

Our mission is to fuel the growth of our customers, and that takes more than just an amazing product. From implementation, to integration and customization, our support team is here to ensure you're successful.



Want to learn more? We made our API doc as detailed as possible to showcase to you the capacity of our solution and help you get started.



We obsess over making things simple, so we created step-by-step tutorials to guide you in developing chat in minutes.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Needing help? We offer customized support at various levels. No matter the size of your company, you will receive timely support for your business.

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Ready to get started?

Unleash ChatKitty's powerful features with room to grow on a production ready subscription plan. Or evaluate ChatKitty for free, until you're ready to launch. No credit card required.

What does MAU mean?
A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user of your application that has connected to ChatKitty using a client SDK, within the last 30 days. When a user is connected to ChatKitty using the same username, it is counted as 1 MAU, regardless of the user’s device.
Where is my chat data stored?
We store all data processed by ChatKitty on secure AWS servers using cloud best practices like encryption and role-based access control. Although we handle chat data, you have full ownership of your data. Your complete chat data can be accessed anytime using the ChatKitty Platform API.
How does ChatKitty secure my data?
ChatKitty uses cloud best practices and stores your data securely on AWS infrastructure. All chat data is encrypted in transit. You can implement end-to-end encryption by encrypting your messages before sending to ChatKitty and decrypting them on your users’ devices.
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